Pawan Sharma, Pawan Sharma Digital Marketer, Digital Marketer, SEO Expert, Online Brand Consultant

Mr. Pawan Sharma is an Enthusiastic Digital Marketing Trainer. he has over 5 years of experience in field Digital Marketing & currently working as Senior Digital Analyst. He has helped several clients across various sectors craft their digital strategy, presence and leverage digital media to achieve their business goals. He has managed millions of rupees in advertising spends across various digital advertising platforms, delivering stellar results for his clients. he had been lucky to handle clients from almost all the geographies except the Asia Pacific. His major focus has always remained SEO and within SEO he has an extreme love for Technical SEO. Besides SEO you’ll also get to learn the overall approach that you’ll need to have which will help you lead a successful career in Digital Marketing.

He will also train you with different aspects of Digital Marketing like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Strategy & planning & various related entities.

You get the opportunity to discuss the thought process that will help you crack the interview at the same time the basics you’ll learn would be a lifetime experience.

Now, he is working with #LDMI (Learn Digital Marketing Institue) to help students get real education with practical knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing. Experience a totally different way of learning with him.