An increasing number of students are enrolling for digital marketing courses so as to gain a competitive edge. However, there is a huge gap between the digital marketing skills they learn and the skills that employers look for. Digital marketing students might be sharp, thoughtful natives but they lack online marketing skills needed in the present day marketplace. There are a few digital marketing skills that students do not learn at college.

Reading further you will learn about three digital marketing skills which students do not learn at college.

SEO and Content Marketing

Consumers have switched to online shopping. They look for firms selling products and services online. And, the websites which rank high in search engines can get an edge over others. While search engine optimization is not at all new, it has undergone a drastic change in the last few years. As Google makes nearly 500 algorithm updates every year, SEO tactics which did wonders a few years back might lead to a penalty of a website today.

Equally important is content. Having informative and apt content published on the website educates prospect buyers so that they can take the next step. This includes everything from writing intriguing content, blogs to videos and images.

Social Media

Social media is the latest buzzword. Not only it helps people stay connected, but it also is the major platform for promoting online business. Most of the universities fail to focus on social media while educating digital marketing students on different ways of promoting websites.  It is only when a person gets a job that he or she learns how to make use of this powerful social networking platform for promoting business.

Technical Skills and Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is very important to make sure that traffic volume increases to a particular website. Learning nurturing lead generation makes you a strong candidate for digital marketing courses.  Having the right technical skills only fuel your chances of landing up with the right job.

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